Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

Rental Term(s): You agree to lease the Instrument for the period of 12 months. You are not obligated to renew this Agreement beyond the initial term.  If you have not returned the Instrument to NEWIND SHOP, LLC at 461A Lawn Ave. Palisades Park, NJ 07650 upon the expiration of the initial lease period, this lease automatically renews the same period and You agree to pay the 12 months rental fee for each renewed lease period.
    Early Purchase Option: If you so choose, you may purchase the Instrument at any time during this agreement and receive a discount, provided that all payments required by the Agreement are current and the Agreement has not been terminated by default. The payoff amount will be calculated as the sum of the total amount of rental payments remaining to complete the ownership requirements of the Agreement, less 50%.
      Return (Notice of Cancellation): Instruments must be returned within 14 days from the date the contract is completed, and the lessee may return the instrument to NEWINDSHOP.COM and/or its agents at any time. This Agreement is canceled upon payment of all fees, including the date of return. All payments received are non-refundable upon return of the device as it will be considered rent until full payment is made. No other party may accept the return of the device. Equipment must only be returned to NEWINDSHOP.COM or its agents.
        Termination: You can terminate this Agreement at any time, without penalty, by returning the instrument to us in good condition, fair wear and tear excepted. All original issue accessories such as  mouthpieces,  instrument parts must be returned with the instrument, or you must pay for them at the time of return. 
        Responsibility for Loss, Damage, or Maintenance: Renter is responsible and liable for all costs incurred by NEWINDSHOP.COM in the event of loss or damage to rented equipment for other than ordinary wear and tear. In the event of loss or theft of rented equipment, Renter will pay the Lease Purchase Price, plus tax, less any applicable rent payments to NEWINDSHOP.COM upon demand. Such liability will not exceed the Leased Purchase Price of the instrument at the time it is lost or damaged. No insurance is provided by NEWINDSHOP.COM for adjustments and repairs and general cleaning.
        Optional Maintenance Service: If purchased, NEWIND SHOP, LLC shall repair for the maintenance charge provided herein all defects that arise from normal wear and use or accidental damage.  ITEMS NOT COVERED are: damage from negligence or abuse. Lacquer or finish deterioration, repair of cosmetic dents, and replacement of expendable accessories including but not exclusive of mouthpieces, reeds.  This service applies only as long as You are not in default on this Agreement. You are responsible for keeping the Instrument in good condition and for any costs associated with servicing or repairing the instrument while it is being leased, including replacement of expendable accessory items.  NO REPAIR SHOP MAY WORK ON THIS INSTRUMENT OTHER THAN NEWIND SHOP, LLC.  You are responsible for payment of the fair market value of the Instrument (not to exceed the cash price) if the Instrument is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, even if by no fault of your own.
        Exchange Option: If you want to change the borrowed item, you can do so within 7 days of the rental contract. Exchanges cannot be made after 7 days, and shipping costs incurred during exchange are borne by the store upon return, and by the customer at the time of shipping out. However, in case of replacement due to a problem with the instrument, all shipping costs will be borne by NEWINDSHOP.COM.
        Credit Card Authorization: If Renter is more than ten (10) days late in paying any sums due under this agreement, Renter hereby authorizes to submit a credit card voucher in Renter’s name for payment of any sums due under this agreement, to include remaining balance of purchase price less credit for previous rent paid, should equipment not be returned to NEWINDSHOP.COM or Agent upon demand.
        Autopay and Renewal Payment: Payment will only be accepted by AutoPay. Renter authorizes the automatic debiting of the credit card shown on the front for 10 months or 12 months payments under this agreement. The renewal rent is on the same day as the first contract date. If the payment due date falls on a weekend or public holiday, payment is processed on the last business day before the due date. If your payment is returned ,your card declined or any rental payment is not received within 5 days after its due date, Renter shall pay a late charge of $10.00 for each installment that becomes delinquent.
        Billing and Change of Address and/or Payment Method: You will not receive billing statements from us. You must inform us in writing of any address changes. All rental payments are due in advance. There are no refunds on rental payments. Rental fees are not contingent on practice or lesson schedules or time in the repair shop. You authorize us to receive updated credit card information including a new number or expiration date from the credit card issuer. You can cancel this authorization at any time by notifying us. You authorize us to charge any active card on file for any past due payments.